Recovery: How soon after a Tummy Tuck can I go back to work?

Thinking about back to work after a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

This is also a complex question which needs to be discussed in person with your Tummy Tuck Surgeon.  In our case – our Tummy Tuck surgeon in our Modesto practice is Dr. Tammy Wu.

If you do heavy lifting at work

the answer is 6 weeks after your tummy tuck.  You can consider returning to work after 6 weeks for heavy lifting (defined as greater than 10 pounds or more of lifting).

If you mainly do desk work

Or if you mainly do work that does not involve much squatting, core-muscle engagement or lifting.  Then the answer is about 2-3 weeks.


2-3 weeks then back to desk work!

Yes, we’ve had some patients in Modesto who are highly motivated, go back to work in 2 weeks.

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Please talk to your tummy tuck surgeon in person for specific details pertaining to your case.

Dr. Tammy Wu & Dr. Calvin Lee.   Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA. (209) 551-1888

Dr. Tammy Wu & Dr. Calvin Lee.
Surgical Artistry, Modesto, CA.
(209) 551-1888

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